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Download Film LOST BOYS 3 THE THIRST Gratis


Edgar and Alan Frog interrupt a half-vampire Senator who is killing a Congressman to finish his transformation into a full-vampire, but in the ensuing chaos Alan is forced to drink vampire blood, which will transform him into a half-vampire himself.

Five years later in San Cazador, California, Edgar is facing eviction from his trailer, and tries to raise funds by selling his collection of old comic books to his friend Zoe, who works at a local comics shop. While there, a famous blogger named Johnny Trash enters; Zoe explains that Johnny is there for a rave that's going on in the town.

Back at his trailer, Edgar is approached by Gwen Lieber, a writer of romantic vampire novels, whose brother Peter was kidnapped during a rave in Ibiza, Spain, and she suspects vampiric activity. She gives him a vial of a drug called "The Thirst" which is given to people at raves hosted by a person known as "DJ X"; he determines that it is vampire blood. Gwen offers him a large sum of money to rescue her brother, but he turns it down.

DJ X and his associates are transporting Peter - bound and drugged - in a small plane. DJ X and three other jumps from the plane in flight, landing safely to meet Johnny Trash for a live interview. DJ X kills Johnny afterward, since the blogger had served his purpose in promoting the rave online.

Edgar visits Alan, who is now half vampire and satisfies his blood thirst by feeding on animal blood acquired in his job as a taxidermist. Edgar tries to enlist Alan's aid in stopping DJ X from raising an army through his raves, but he refuses, having lost all hope and believing that the whole Alpha Vampire theory is just a "neverending pyramid scheme".

Remembering his youthful days with Alan and Sam Emerson, Edgar resolves to take the job alone. But Gwen introduces him to Lars Vongetz, a former reality-TV star hoping to use the mission to make him famous again; Edgar reluctantly accepts his help. (wikipedia)

Dated Released : 5 October 2010
Quality : DVDRip 6CH
Info :
Lihat : Trailer
Starring : Corey Feldman, Tanit Phoenix, Jamison N
Genre : Horror | Thriller

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